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A wide range of services available at our home

Care Plans

Every resident has a detailed and comprehensive care plan, which relates specifically to their needs and preferences and how they wish them to be met. A care plan is assembled by gathering information from the local authorities (care management team), residents, residents family, advocate, and G.P.


Generally medicines are accessed (via Doctor's prescription) by the home. All medicines are kept under lock and key and dispensed by qualified nurses at the appropriate times. Your own GP will visit you in the Home in the normal way, or where necessary arrangements will be made for hospital or GP visits.


The home has recently been awarded a 5 star rating from the local council with regards to the kitchen. Meals are varied and nutritious. There is a four-week rotating lunch menu and a two weekly teatime menu. The cook addresses residents individual likes/dislikes on a daily basis.

Breakfast - A selection of cereals, fruit juice, tea or coffee, toast, or a cooked breakfast.
Lunch - Choice of two main courses and puddings.
Tea - Choice of cooked option or sandwiches/soup.
Supper - Drinks and snacks.


Monthly C of E communion services are held at the home and visiting nuns give communion weekly to our Catholic residents. We also have a monthly Preacher that attends and give a reading. All denominations are welcome and arrangements are made individually between the resident and visiting Minister. Residents may attend religious services either within the home or outside the home as they so desire.

Social activities

Numerous in house activities and games are available, outside entertainment / singers / armchair aerobics are offered, as well as regular occupational therapy.


Visitors are always welcome. We welcome the contact between residents and ourselves at all times. Telephone calls to and from relatives bring pleasure to residents if visiting is difficult, we will always assist residents who require assistance with this process. Contact with family and friends are of supreme importance to the well-being of residents. We do however ask you to be kind enough not to visit very early in the morning or late at night.